Tamarack Cannabis - Purveyors of High-Quality Medical Cannabis in Northwest Montana

Welcome to Tamarack Cannabis.

Tamarack Cannabis is a Kalispell Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Our mission is to provide the highest quality medical cannabis available in Montana at an affordable price.

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About Tamarack Cannabis

Purveyors of High-Quality Medical Cannabis in Northwest Montana.

Tamarack Cannabis strives to be the premier Kalispell, Montana medical marijuana dispensary by providing personalized, professional and compassionate patient services while distributing high-quality medical cannabis products.  Committed to overall excellence, Tamarack Cannabis is fully compliant with Initiative 182 and is dedicated to the wellness of our medical marijuana community by uniquely offering a service where Kalispell patients can request their line of strain-specific cannabis products.

Our kind and knowledgeable staff are experts at helping patients find the relief they need.

Open 7 days a week with ample private parking in a convenient yet discreet location. Call or visit today!

History of Tamarack Cannabis

Initially established in 2009, Tamarack Cannabis is a family-oriented business founded by a group of friends with different backgrounds essential to the cannabis industry. The co-founder of the Tamarack Cannabis has always been extremely passionate about growing and plant genetics while fellow co-founder of Tamarack Cannabis has a strong background in business studies. Together, they realized how the market was emerging and decided to seriously pursue their involvement in the cannabis industry after realizing the medicinal benefits and relief of marijuana and cannabis-infused products. This dynamic partnership amongst friends evolved into a successful business venture.

Actively compliant with the constant revisions of the medical marijuana laws of Montana, the founders decided to advocate further by joining the board to help draft Initiative 182.

New to Medical Marijuana?

Years of experience, research and patient feedback has prepared us to answer all your questions. In addition, we have a large lending library of cannabis books.

First Time Patients

First time patients receive a sample bag containing an array of our edibles, tinctures, capsules, topicals, and candy.
Valued at over $60!

We are always accepting new patients and patients changing providers.


Seniors 65+ and veterans receive 10% off Tincture, Capsules and Topicals!

All patients receive 20% off ALL Glass with $100 purchase.

Need a Physician Statement?

We can help. From help choosing the right clinic to setting an appointment, we’re here every step of the way. We can also provide paperwork for your primary care physician if they are unfamiliar with the process.

Already have a card or physician statement?

Great, come on in! We’ll send your paperwork to the state & pay the fees & postage.

Tamarack Cannabis Staff

The Tamarack Cannabis staff are professional, very resourceful and knowledgeable about all the medical marijuana products we carry. We are devoted to personalizing every experience, taking the time to thoroughly explain and answer any medical marijuana-related questions or concerns.

Contact Tamarack Cannabis

Have a question?

Give us a call or feel free to drop us a line and we'll respond as soon as possible!

Erin Bolster, Dispensary Owner | erin@tamarackcannabis.com
Mary Keehfuss, Store Manager | mary@tamarackcannabis.com

Tel: 406-755-7227
Hours: Monday to Friday: 12 - 7pm  |  Saturday & Sunday: 12 - 7pm

Address: 151 Business Center Loop, Suite C.
Kalispell MT 59901.

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